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Greenfield Removals granted three-year asbestos removal license by HSE

We are delighted to announce the attainment of a three-year asbestos removal license, issued by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), underscoring the quality of our services. A lot of hard work has contributed to this fantastic achievement, and we feel proud in the continued realisation of our long-term growth plans.

In 2019, Greenfield Removals worked on many illustrious projects, including those with Kimberley Clark, Crown Paints, Various Gas Holders, BP Chemicals and the Royal Liver Building, among many others. The added assurance of a three-year license breeds further contentment among that client base while attracting new prospective partners. We aim to harness that momentum into further success in the future.

Ian Yates, Director, praised the dedicated employees who have enacted the firm’s evolving strategy and culture: “It is a very exciting time for us. All the hard work from the management and staff from all areas of the business has paid off. I regularly audit the site teams and I can personally see the improvements happening on site year-on-year. We have a strong site team that takes pride in their work.”

Peter Dunion, Director, welcomed the news today: “Gaining a three-year asbestos removal license gives our clients further confidence that they are working with an established and trusted contractor. The new license is recognition for the hard work and continuous improvements made to our health and safety systems over the past twelve months.”

Tom Yates, Director, added further context around what this means for the business moving forward: “In terms of revenue and development, 2019 was our biggest year to date. We are hitting the New Year to a great start by being awarded a three-year license. This now opens up further doors, particularly with regard to tendering for long-term contracts. We predict that 2020 will be an even bigger year for us.”

Here at Greenfield Removals, we strive for constant innovation and improvement. Today’s news regarding our license is a major milestone on our journey, which began from humble roots in 2016. Greenfield Removals occupies a special place in the asbestos removal industry, blazing a trail of modernisation. We are now entering a major phase of expansion, but our core principles will not change. In fact, they will be a driving force behind forthcoming successes.

If you would like to learn more about Greenfield Removals, or asbestos removal more generally, please contact our friendly and approachable team for an initial conversation. Sustainable and transparent relationships form the basis of our development, and we are always keen to meet new clients, seeking to make a difference in their asbestos compliance. Exciting things are happening at Greenfield Removals, and we want you to be part of our progress.





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