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Below are some of the services Greenfield Removals offer:

Asbestos Removal

At the core of our offering is asbestos removal! Holding a full asbestos license issued by the HSE allows us to work on asbestos of all kinds from non-notifiable low risk works to notifiable high risk licensed works!

We’re worked on projects of all sizes from small domestic garages to huge industrial power stations and factories there is no job to big or small. We have a team of over 30 working all over the UK.


Asbestos Encapsulation

Encapsulation is a method used to maintain the condition asbestos containing materials. Encapsulating an ACM can prevent further fibre release from the material by creating a seal around it. This method is suitable if the material is being left alone in-situ and is not likely to be disturbed. If any renovation works to the area are required then this option would not be suitable removal would be recommended.

Asbestos Sampling

If you’re unsure if a material contains asbestos then having the material sampled and tested is crucial. The sampling procedure would entail one of our operatives visiting the premises to take a small sample of the suspected area. This sample is then sent off to a UKAS accredited laboratory to be put under the microscope and identify any asbestos fibres present.

Contaminated Land Remediation

We have worked with some of the UKs largest civil engineering companies providing the remediation of asbestos contaminated land. A recent project was with MerseyLink, remediating land ready for a new highway to be built.


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